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This evening was the first time I ever saw my daughter cheer. She made the team some months ago and due to my schedule at work, I haven’t been able to make it to any of her games. Well, this evening, I made it early enough to catch the end of a game. Hubby picked me up from the train station and away we went.

We got to the game and it was the end of the forth quarter. In the short time I was there, a kid got hurt, the ball was turned over a few times, and there was some sort of controversy with the refs. The other team had the ball, there was one second on the clock, and things were looking kind of bleak. We won the game by one point. Awesomeness!!

This is where the momentum changes.

As we were leaving the gym, the cheer coach stopped my husband to ask him a question. He sat down and they talked for a bit and then included my daughter in the conversation. He stepped away to give them a bit of privacy and we were discussing what was said. Once my daughter and her coach were done, they said their good-byes and we prepared to leave the gym.

As she was leaving, the coach looked at my daughter and back at me. You could see in her eyes that she made the connection. Mom was on the scene. It was at that exact moment that my husband realized that he forgot to introduce me. (QUEUE THE CRICKETS)

I am positive that it wasn’t done on purpose. I can’t say that I wasn’t affected by it. Unfortunately, I am absent from most of my children’s events. It’s not because I don’t want to be there, it’s because that’s the position I am in right now. I hate it. I don’t many things, but this, I hate.

Because my husband is ill, he gets to stay home with the kids and he is able to take part in their extracurricular activities. Since I am the healthier spouse, I get to work outside of the home. Now, this is where our lives get cloudy. He wants my role and I want his.

He would kill to be able to be the breadwinner in the home. He wants to get up early go to work, get stressed out, and work overtime. I would totally enjoy cooking, cleaning, running errands, and being a homemaker all day. I would even venture to home school my children.

So why do you think God would put two people like us together? We are exactly opposite on so many subjects. We laugh about it all the time because we can’t figure it out either. We just know that together is where we belong. That’s enough for us.
Would you please pray for us?

I do my best to be content and not complain, but it’s hard. I pray that one day he will get a kidney and be able to take over the role that I currently occupy. I need to pray about being content if God says no. I need His strength to continue on this current path.
I am not taking anything away from Hubs. He is a wonderful Dad. He is always there for every event and is the loudest yeller in the crowd, even when he’s supposed to be quiet. I just want my role back. I will gladly give him his.

Do you currently occupy a role that you never expected? How do you deal with it?





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