5 Thing To Do On Black Friday Besides Shop

Black Friday

I don’t know a person on the planet that doesn’t know about Black Friday. You know, the day when crazed shoppers wait in line for hours to spend money that they will have to work overtime the following year to pay off? Yep, that’s Black Friday. My family and I have no plans to participate in the madness. We will be engaging in some or all of the activities listed below.

  1. Catch Up On Sleep – With all of the excitement of Thanksgiving. I barely sleep. Our family can’t seem to get home for Christmas, but every year, we are all free on Turkey Day so that’s when we stay up all night, catch up, play games, and just be a family. No one sleeps because we don’t want to miss anything. For us, Black Friday is about rest.
  2. Plan A Movie Day – It doesn’t necessarily have to be movies, but grab enough snacks for a small army and put some blankets down for everyone and enjoy. Black Friday is a great day to grab movies from RedBox or make good use of your Netflix subscription. We have both Netflix and HULU Plus so will will be entertained for the entire day and then some. Usually, we let everyone pick what they want to watch and take turns until each person taps out. I am rarely the last one awake. 
  3. Play Board/Card Games – We have an impressive collection of games. We also have the game Family Game Night for the Wii. I am partial to the Wii because it will get us up and moving. The children will take any opportunity to play video games since they don’t get to play often. Scene It is also a family favorite. Playing games will get your family talking and laughing and before you know it the day is over. 
  4. Travel – Most people will be standing in line early Friday morning. Do you know where their cars will be? In a packed parking lot waiting to be driven to the next packed parking lot. Do you know where their cars won’t be? On the highway. Black Friday is a great travel day. Since my parents live a few hours away, the drive won’t be that bad, but some of you have long drives ahead. Why not get a head start on getting home?
  5. Plan for Cyber Monday – It’s Black Friday for online shoppers. Just think, you won’t have to stand outside in the cold, endure long lines, hurting feet, or mean customer service people. It’s bad enough that the stores will be open on Thanksgiving and their employees won’t get to enjoy the holiday as it was intended to be spent. Why not give them one less person to check out and shop on Monday instead?

Well, there you have it. Our family will be safely at home on Black Friday and whether you choose to shop or stay in, we hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and a great Black Friday.



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One Response to “5 Thing To Do On Black Friday Besides Shop”

  1. Regina says:

    I love your plan.

    The boy is spending the day with a friend and I’ll have a day of wandering our quiet home to myself and then dinner with a friend.

    Easy breezy and RELAXING! No crazy for this girl either…

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